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We provide translation and interpreting services into and from the following languages:

Japanese, English, Czech, Slovak and German.

Our team is comprised of experts fully qualified with high level of translation and interpreting experiences.

Reports on Covid-19 situation in the Czech Republic (only in Japanese) here.

Online interpreting service is also provided.

Interpreting services provided not only in the Czech Republic but also in other EU countries and Japan.

We support your business.



Profile of CEO

Miwa Oi(First name: Miwa, Surname: Oi)

    has been residing in Prague since 1991.

    In 2003, appointed by the Prague Municipal Court. as a sworn

    interpreter/translator of Czech and Japanese language.

    In 2000, certified as an official tourist guide by Prague Information

    Service, current Prague City Tourism)

    In 2005, founded Miwatis s.r.o.


    Master of Arts in Czech language and literature from the Charles

    University (the Institute of Czech Studies)

    Bachelor of Arts in German Studies from the Tokyo University of

    Foreign Studies


About us


Since its establishment in 2005, Miwatis, based in Prague, has been providing its clients with translation and interpreting services mainly in Czech, Japanese and English and also has been taking them on tours throughout the Czech Republic. There are more and more opportunities to communicate in English, which has become an international language, and we are all the more aware that communication in the mother tongue is essential and leads to real mutual understanding. To understand the other party correctly and to express one's view through verbal communication is important and common in every occasion, from everyday life situations to various international meetings. Miwatis considers it necessary to communicate in English in today's world but at the same time places more emphasis on communication in Czech language in the Czech Republic.





Sworn translator/
interpreter of Japanese/Czech 



Communicating through languages and understanding each other accurately, this is more in demand than ever in today's globalized world.


We provide a wide range of interpreting services, including interpreting at conferences, seminars, business meetings, manufacturing sites, etc.

Tourist Guiding

If you are interested in touring the Czech Republic and its neighboring countries on your own, rather than in a group tour, please contact us.

Business support
and research

We provide information services in various fields and support from contacting Czech and Japanese companies to making business appointments.


Data Protection Policy



Contact us

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Miwatis s.r.o.


Hlubocká 710/4

158 00 Praha 5

Czech Republic

ID No.: 26397102


Tel:+420 773 380 848

Fax: +420 222 942 370

Registered in the commercial register kept at the Prague Municipal Court, Section C, Insert 119600.

Contact us:
+420 773 380 848
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